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Here is more information on our aerial photography 

Please note that drone/aerial photography is not available as a stand-alone service, but only as an add-on service to either a photography or floor plan package.  Aerial photography must be ordered along with your appointment request.

  • Drone Photos.  $25 each. Minimum order is 2.                                                                                          

  • Discount Drone Package . Photographer will deliver 5-10 aerial still photos and use his/her best judgement to determine the final count to minimize repetitive images.                               

  • Drone Video can be added to your virtual tour or delivered as a stand-alone MP4 file.                                                                           

  • Customer is required to add liability coverage ($10-$25) for each drone photo session                                     

  • For specific aerial drone still photos and video pricing, please call, text or email.  

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